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26 Feb 2015

The Communities and Local Government Secretary has today (26 February) made a written statement in relation to Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council.
25 Feb 2015

Rural Action Yorkshire have launched a new campaign entitled ‘52 (Almost) Painless Things Your Community Can Do’.
25 Feb 2015

The Equitable Life Payment Scheme continues to trace and pay as many eligible policyholders as possible.
24 Feb 2015

To build prosperity in 21st Century Britain we need to take a different approach to creating prosperity, not relying on a few but boosting productivity across Britain's firms and workforce, including in our area.
23 Feb 2015

I would like to wish the best of luck to John Booth and his Manor team in their quest to return to the Formula One grid.
23 Feb 2015

I am pleased to hear that the Football Foundation has awarded funding to a local school.
20 Feb 2015

I am meeting South Yorkshire Police today (20 February) for an update on the ongoing Rotherham CSE investigations.
18 Feb 2015

Under this Government the cost of childcare has risen by 30 per cent - faster than pay - and there are over 40,000 fewer childcare places across the country.
17 Feb 2015

The Prime Minister and the Chancellor have failed to deliver on tackling tax avoidance in the last five years. They have failed to close loopholes, whilst the amount of uncollected tax has risen under this Government.
16 Feb 2015

One of the most common concerns local parents have is whether their child is getting the best education possible. To do this we have to ensure that our children are receiving the high quality teaching they need and deserve.
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