Concerns About Immigration

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28 Oct 2014
Most people in this country want an immigration system that reflects their values of fairness and responsibility.
It’s vital that we seek to tackle the concerns that people have about the impact on wages when large numbers of low skilled workers come here, about the pace of change in communities, including the pressure on scarce resources in public services, and about the security of our borders.
We need to be ready to act on these concerns. Action to ensure that when people cross our borders they are counted, in and out, so we know who is here, who has gone home and who has stayed so we can deal with illegal immigration. Making it a criminal offence to exploit workers with the aim of illegally undercutting wages or conditions here, preventing recruitment agencies hiring only from abroad and those that allow them to exploit loopholes to undercut directly employed staff, and ensuring that public sector workers in public-facing roles have minimum standards of English.