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10 Feb 2015

The Flood Free Homes campaign has been launched by the Association of British Insurers, Friends of the Earth, Know Your Flood Risk, the National Flood Forum, and the Property Care Association’s Flood Protection Group.

The aim of the campaign is to raise the issue of long-term flood defence investment and land and water management, to ensure that by 2025 no home is at high risk of flooding.

Flooding has long been recognised as the greatest natural threat the UK faces. With Environment Agency data showing around 2 million homes in England and Wales at flood risk now from the rivers and sea, with over 500,000 of these  at ‘moderate’ risk or greater, and around 2.4 million additional homes at risk of surface water flooding, this is a serious problem facing the country today.

The campaign is arguing for £1 billion per year by 2025 to be spent on managing flood risk to keep pace with climate change, a zero tolerance of inappropriate new developments in areas at risk of flooding and a cross-party consensus on ambitious long-term solutions that manage all types of flood risk. For more information please visit www.floodfreehomes.org.uk