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09 Jun 2015

A Resolution Foundation report on Universal Credit makes clear the Government is in real danger of failing to deliver a simpler and more efficient benefit system.

Four years after its launch, the Government still hasn’t worked out how basic features of Universal Credit will work, from which families will get free school meals to who will receive cold weather payments.

The Government need to resolve the many unanswered questions within Universal Credit. Ministers should start by asking the National Audit Office to publish a quarterly report on Universal Credit to lift the veil of secrecy over value for money and management of this £12.8 billion programme.

Meanwhile the Government also lost a High Court case on benefit delays last week, the court ruling was a damning indictment on their failure to get a grip of this issue. The chaotic benefit system has forced thousands of people to rely on food banks to survive because too many PIP and JSA payments aren’t being made on time. Ministers must act quickly to cut unacceptable benefit delays.