Kevin’s statement regarding the Standards Committee report

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20 Oct 2016

The report published today has found no serious breaches as I always maintained. The inquiry has found a “minor” and “inadvertent” breach of a banqueting rule. I felt that I had taken all the steps I could to check the rules, but acknowledge my mistake.

Just to make it absolutely clear, this arrangement led to no personal financial gain as payment was made, as a donation, to a local children’s hospice in my constituency.

I would like to thank Kathryn Hudson, the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards, for her very thorough investigation into this matter and the Committee on Standards for their judgement.

I will be resuming my duties as Chair of the Committee on Standards and the Committee of Privileges. It has always been a huge honour to chair these committees and I am delighted to return to this role.


The full report can be found here -