Statement on HS2

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15 Nov 2016
The Government’s decision to carry on with the ill thought out HS2 plans that provide no new station in South Yorkshire is a huge missed opportunity. We are left with a plan that benefits very few but causes misery for many, it will have a huge negative impact on hundreds of my constituents whose houses and businesses will be affected by the proposed route.

The original plan for HS2 Meadowhall was supposed to bring renewed investment and jobs to an area of the country where it is much needed, however the process has been bodged and we are left with a plan that costs so much but provides so little. The original plan would have created 70,000 jobs and generated £4 billion for the local economy according to the Government’s own research.

I will continue to fight for a station to be placed at Meadowhall as I believe that it offers the best outcome for the South Yorkshire area as a whole, huge amounts of the Government’s own evidence also support that view. The reason given for not building at Meadowhall is lack of consensus, yet we still have no consensus but they are ploughing on with a deeply unpopular plan which will ruin villages the length of Yorkshire.

I will be liaising with councillors and the local campaign group over the coming days, I also wrote to the Transport Secretary last week requesting a meeting on this issue and hope to arrange this very shortly.