EU Referendum Statement

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27 Jun 2016

Last week’s result in the EU referendum was a hammer-blow to our country. It was not the result I wanted – nor the outcome that I believed best for the country.  The shock of exit from the European Union requires immediate action from the relevant authorities and the Labour Party believe The Government needs to abandon its economically indefensible (and unachievable) 2019-20 surplus. There are vital infrastructure projects across the country currently starved of funding. We need a priority investment programme, targeting those areas that have been most economically neglected.


The Government should move fast to support the country, create jobs and start to address the years of neglect. We need to stabilize the situation given the weakness of the economy after six years of Tory austerity and failure. This Government's failed austerity measures have given us a low-wage, high-debt economy where productivity is slumping. Labour will not allow the costs of exit to be borne by working people and their families. Tory Brexiteers have already made clear they want to tear up hard-won rights for working people.  Priti Patel the pro-Brexit employment minister, has said Britain should “halve” the current protection offered to workers. The Labour Party will fight tooth and nail to defend those rights.


I have also received a number of emails referencing a petition set up to call for a second referendum.  I do not believe that is how a democracy should work and believe we must respect the will of the people and negotiate an exit that is good for Britain.