Corus Jobs Good News For Area

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22 Jul 2010

It has been good to hear the news this week that Corus is planning to recruit 154 new workers for its South Yorkshire manufacturing operations and is also going to resume apprentice and graduate recruitment. These plans will bring the number of new workers hired by the firm to more than 300 since March.

The painful job losses suffered at the Aldwarke plant last year were a bitter blow but I remember writing in this column at the time that at least Corus were keeping the plant open, ready for when the economy and the demand for steel picked up again.

I am particularly pleased that new people are going to be trained up to work with products that have extremely high technical and chemical specifications. Such training ensures that we don’t have skills shortages in the future and also acts as an investment for businesses.

I hope that this recruitment of employees and trainees is a positive sign that business is now starting to recover and strengthen after the economic downturn.