Decent Homes Could Be Under Threat

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27 Jul 2010

It is disappointing to hear news that the Decent Homes scheme may be under threat as the Government have made no commitment in the Coalition Agreement to complete the programme.

I am hoping that the Government will finish the repairs to our area’s ageing stock of social housing and will release funds to bring the 2,400 substandard homes in Rotherham up to a decent standard.

Since 2001 £33 billion has been invested, with around 1.4 million homes being improved across the country. 400,000 homes are still not decent, needing new windows, doors, heating, kitchens or bathrooms. The Government estimates that 17 jobs per year are supported by each £1 million of Decent Homes investment, putting 54,400 jobs at stake as a result of these cuts.

With future funding in doubt, many social housing estates now face a situation where streets of newly renovated houses sit next to properties where the work has not yet been done. This is leaving many families unfairly disadvantaged and unsure when, if at all, their house will be brought up to the standard of their neighbours.