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26 Aug 2010
Well done to everyone who has received their GCSE and A-Level results over the last week. I hope that most students have obtained the grades they needed.

The increased numbers of Rotherham students taking and passing GCSEs and A-Levels reflects the hard work of students and their teachers, not to mention the vital support given by parents during these important qualifications.

Times are difficult at the moment for young people going on to Higher Education and for many people (both young and old) in finding employment, so it is quite shocking that one of the first acts of the Coalition Government was their decision to cut back on the number of university places available this September by 10,000.

In contrast the previous Government’s September Guarantee has meant that 16 and 17 year olds are guaranteed a suitable place in learning at school, college, in training or an apprenticeship this September. The Coalition Government have said this is in place for this September but have not guaranteed this for future years even though three year funding had been agreed.