Rogue Landlords Still A Problem

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16 Sep 2010

The findings of a recently published report by housing charity Shelter show the continuing problem of rogue landlords. This is especially worrying as the Coalition Government are rolling back commitments to protect private tenants, many of whom come from vulnerable groups.

Since the election, the Government has announced it will sweep away key regulations introduced by the previous Government to protect private tenants. These include a national register of landlords set up to allow tenants to make basic checks on their prospective landlords and enable Rotherham Borough Council to enforce letting rules more easily.

The Government also plans to remove laws which allowed councils to prevent the spread of homes in multiple occupation and stop the damaging effects of absentee landlords. A high concentration of homes in multiple occupation can change the balance and nature of local communities when poorly managed.

Shelter’s research confirms that private tenants are suffering under dodgy and absentee landlords at a time when the Government is putting landlords’ interests over tenants’.