Coalfields Regeneration Review Reports Back

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06 Oct 2010

The Coalfields Regeneration Review led by former Barnsley MP Mick Clapham has recently reported back to Ministers. Earlier this year the Department for Communities and Local Government asked Mr Clapham to chair a review of coalfield regeneration across England looking at what has been achieved so far and what more needs be done.

The report concluded that since the mid-1990s much progress has been made in promoting regeneration in all the former coalfields, aided in part by interventions from central government. Prior to the recession, employment in the former coalfields was starting to grow again; often more quickly than the national average, however the recession exposed the fragility of this recovery and showed how coalfield communities are still vulnerable.

The recommendations of the Review suggest that if the regeneration of the former coalfields is to progress further it will require the continued engagement and support of the Government, namely through securing the future of the Coalfield Regeneration Trust and the Coalfields Enterprise Fund.