Coalition Government's Child Benefit Announcement

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07 Oct 2010

The Coalition Government’s announcement this week regarding Child Benefit seems to be their latest attack on families and children. Britain’s families did not cause the recession – yet families are first in line for punishment in the Coalition’s deficit reduction plan. Both in the Budget and the Child Benefit announcement, the Government have chosen to cut benefits for families ahead of raising taxes on banks.

It seems ludicrous to me that under George Osborne’s plans we will have working couples earning up to £88,000 between them being allowed to keep their child benefits, while single-earner families earning only half as much will lose theirs. This means that families with young children where a parent stays at home will be hardest hit.

Whatever your income, it appears that this Government is determined to hit families with children hardest, as they have shown already by cutting child tax credits, maternity allowance and other support.