Cuts Will Hit Frontline Policing

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03 Nov 2010

The 20% cuts in central government funding for policing announced in the recent Spending Review look set to undermine the fight against crime and anti-social behaviour in the Rother Valley.

These big cuts will, I fear, undoubtedly have a major impact on the number of police on the street and on the programmes designed to tackle and prevent problems in our communities. By front-loading these cuts – with the biggest cuts next year and the year after – it will be even more difficult to minimise the impact on frontline policing through efficiency savings.

The Police Federation says that there could be 20,000 police officers lost over the next four years, while accountants KPMG have also estimated a similar drop in police numbers of around 18,000 because of the cuts. By applying these figures equally across the country it could mean over 400 fewer police officers in South Yorkshire.

This would be terrible news for our area and will damage all the progress we have made in preventing crime over the last few years.