Scrapping EMA Will Affect Thousands

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17 Nov 2010

The Coalition Government’s decision to scrap the Education Maintenance Allowance will affect thousands of young people throughout Rotherham. Introduced by the previous Government in 2004, the scheme was axed by the Education Secretary Michael Gove in the Spending Review last month.

Many young people in Rotherham depend on the payments to help with basics such as transport and books. Now the payments are being axed from next year, many could find it hard to make ends meet and choose not to continue their education.

Independent studies have shown that the payments increased the number of students remaining in education who would not have done so without the financial incentive, as well as raising attainment amongst disadvantaged young people.

Last week tens of thousands of students marched on Westminster as part of a rally to demonstrate the strength of feeling against the plans for the Education Maintenance Allowance and tuition fees amongst young people themselves.

I want to see all young people staying on at school, going to college, getting an apprenticeship or doing some form of training while at work, that’s why the Education Maintenance Allowance was introduced. Axing it could mean that thousands of students fail to reach their full potential.