Increased Strain On NHS

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02 Dec 2010

The NHS is likely to face increased strain on frontline services throughout the winter, as a result of normal seasonal pressures as well as the Government’s unprecedented financial squeeze.

The Government has put enormous pressure on the NHS by breaking its promise on NHS funding. By switching £1bn from the NHS to social care, the health service receives a 0.5% real-terms cut over the next four years.

I will be writing to Andy Buck, the Chief Executive of NHS Rotherham, asking him to detail the steps that are being taken to prepare for winter pressures. I will also be asking him to publish the changes that are resulting from the financial squeeze on the NHS, including patient waiting times increasing, hospital beds being cut and some operations being slowed up or stopped until next spring.

I am hoping to soon meet with local representatives of health unions, when I will be asking them to provide feedback on the cuts being made to frontline services, the effects of which their members will be seeing firsthand.