Local Post Offices May Be Sign Of Christmas Past

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21 Dec 2010
Privatisation of Royal Mail by the Government means being able to go to a local post office to send parcels could be a sign of Christmas past not Christmas future.

At a time when people throughout Rother Valley send cards and presents to friends and relatives, the Royal Mail is at serious risk from Government privatisation plans. These plans could spell the end of the post office network - causing huge problems for many who want to send parcels and use services like registered mail.

In future a privatised Royal Mail could end the agreement that exists with the Post Office and look to cut costs by withdrawing mail services from all but the busiest post offices, leaving people to travel miles to go to post a parcel.

In rushing through this privatisation it is giving no safeguards for our post office network as the Government is refusing to guarantee Royal Mail business to local post offices. It is also refusing to specify a minimum number of outlets where people can post parcels and send letters by registered delivery, as other countries do.

The Government has also failed to take forward Opposition plans for a post office ‘People’s Bank’, which would have helped to secure the long-term future of post offices.