Government's 'Localism' Is A Sham

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21 Jan 2011

The main principles of the Localism Bill were debated in the House of Commons this week.

The Bill is designed to devolve greater powers to councils and neighbourhoods and give local communities more control over housing and planning decisions.

Unfortunately the Tory led Government’s ‘localism’ is nothing more than a sham. The Government is merely using localism as a smokescreen for the huge frontloaded cuts they are imposing.

The Communities and Local Government Secretary’s promises of more power for local government ring hollow when the Government is cutting council budgets by 27% over the next four years. The Localism Bill also places extra burdens on local authorities at a time when councils up and down the country are already being weighed down with Mr Pickles’ diktats telling them what to do.

This Bill will do nothing to give local people a greater say on areas like health, education, policing and employment. These plans will simply give more power to those with the deepest pockets and the loudest voices.