Proposals To Sell Off Woodland

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02 Feb 2011

Many concerned Rother Valley residents have contacted me about the Government’s controversial plans which could see local woodland sold off to the highest bidder.

These proposals, currently being discussed in Parliament, will give Government ministers the green light to sell off the public forestry estate in England. The Forestry Commission is responsible for over 1,400 English woodlands, including Sherwood Forest and the Community Woodlands in Dinnington and Kiveton. In fact there are 93 hectares of Forestry Commission land in the Rother Valley, consisting largely of our well-used, much loved local woods.

I am very worried by these plans to rush through the sale of our national forests with no guarantees over their funding or public access. With most woodland already in private hands we need to keep our public forests open for everyone and ensure that they remain in place for future generations to enjoy. 

More than 360,000 people have already signed a national petition against these plans, so I want the Government to listen to the protests and think again.

If you would like to join the campaign to fight these plans please visit