Government Climb Down On EMA

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04 Apr 2011

Thousands of teenagers in Rotherham will be breathing a sigh of relief after the Government has been forced into an embarrassing climb down on the Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA).

Whilst the Government have decided to scrap the EMA (a decision which is not only unfair to young people but wrong in the long-term for our country) under threat of legal challenge they have now agreed to honour their commitments to students who are halfway through their course. Six months ago this Government was saying under no circumstances were they going to reverse their decision.

This climb down is not enough but at least it means that 250,000 of the poorest students in England will now not have to worry about whether they can continue at college next year. The fight will go on to secure better support for other young people who have lost out as a result of the Government’s broken promises.