New Homes Bonus Blow

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19 Apr 2011

It looks likely that Rother Valley residents are going to lose out under the Government’s new housing policy, the New Homes Bonus. The Bonus is supposed to incentivise councils to grant planning permissions for new housing developments by matching council tax for new homes over a six year period.

Though according to the House of Commons Library, the Bonus is going to cost taxpayers at least £1.2 billion a year by 2016 but deliver as few as just 14,000 extra homes a year.

Experts are already lining up to say that it will not work and in addition to being expensive and ineffective, research now shows that Rotherham is getting a raw deal from this new policy. Whilst Richmondshire District Council received £6,272 for each extra home in their community, Rotherham Council will just get £1,323 and whilst the City of London has been given £28.51 a head in funding the Government has given Rotherham Council just £1.98 a head.

I think it is totally wrong that this area should be treated in this way by the Government. If the point of this policy is to reward communities for building more houses then the least they should do is make it fair.