Disappointing News About Tuition Fees

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28 Apr 2011

It was disappointing to hear the news last week that the Prime Minister's promise that £9,000 tuition fees would only be charged ‘in exceptional circumstances’ has now been broken.

Following the recent deadline for universities to declare their fees, it is clear that the Government’s prediction that the average fee would be £7,500 was a naive assumption.

In fact, the majority of universities will be charging £9,000 as of next year. This represents a trebling of fees from one year to the next. The Government’s inaccurate estimate could result in a funding shortfall of up to half a billion pounds in 2014-15, according to independent research.

To fill this gap the Government has admitted it will either have to further reduce university places or make further cuts to university teaching budgets. The former could mean a reduction of 36,000 places. This Government is making it harder and harder for the next generation to get on.