Youth Unemployment A Growing Problem

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17 May 2011

Almost a year after its decision to scrap the Future Jobs Fund, the Government last week announced how it plans to tackle the growing problem of youth unemployment.  

Yet its failure to act for a whole year means that the good progress made following the global recession has been wiped out. Youth unemployment had been falling for six months yet now, one year since the General Election, there are an additional 43,000 unemployed young people who are not in education. In order to reverse this worrying trend, the Government’s Work Programme should focus on getting young people into work.

The real problem facing young people in our country is the lack of growth in the economy.  With five people chasing every job it is time the Government changed its reckless policy of cutting too deep and too fast and instead pursue a proper strategy for jobs and growth. The Government ought to repeat last year's bonus tax and use some of the £2 billion that could be raised to support a fund for youth jobs.