Criticism Of Justice Reforms

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04 Jul 2011

The debate in Parliament on the Government’s justice reforms last week saw criticism from all sides of the House of Commons.

It followed weeks of broken promises, policy u-turns and media briefings on the proposals, but unfortunately the resulting Bill has been clumsily packaged and presented and will not result in the ‘rehabilitation revolution’ which the Justice Secretary wanted.

I am shocked that the Government seems to be putting cutting costs ahead of what is in the best interests of victims - reducing crime, punishing criminals and reducing re-offending.

The Government seems to think they can reduce costs by putting fewer people in prison; however, it is already clear that they cannot meet their target of reducing the number by 3,500 people.

I am concerned that if these plans go ahead unchanged they will have a negative impact on the future security of our prisons and the ability of prison officers to do their job safely. At the same time it will leave the most vulnerable without legal support.

I am sure these plans will not be what the people of Rother Valley want to see and that is why I voted against the second reading in Parliament last week.