Government Shifting NHS Funding

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16 Aug 2011

A previously unpublished report reveals that the Government is shifting NHS funding from poorer areas to better-off areas.
The document, produced by Public Health Manchester for the Health Select Committee, assesses the long-term impact of the Government’s decision to change the way in which money is allocated to Primary Care Trusts so that it gives less weighting to health inequalities.

The shocking figures reveal that the Government’s plans for the NHS will make inequality worse, not better, as they are reducing funding to tackle poor health in the least healthy parts of the country and shifting it to wealthier and healthier areas.

Whilst Rotherham will lose £10.1 million (a 2.2% cut), money is instead being transferred to areas such as Hertfordshire, Hampshire and Surrey.

These plans will hit services that help people stop smoking, promote healthy eating and exercise. They will make it harder to prevent the big killers like heart disease and cancer, and increase the costs of poor health for everyone in the long run.