Leader's Conference Speech

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29 Sep 2011

This week I have been in Liverpool attending the annual Labour Party Conference. As is usually the case, the Leader's speech was the focal point of the Conference.

In his speech I thought Ed Miliband impressively articulated his thoughts about fulfilling the promise of Britain.

Ed talked about how our economy and our society have, for too long, rewarded the wrong people with the wrong values. As young people confront the choices they have in life, they see routes to success today based on the wrong set of values.

He pointed out how young people, doing the right thing, wanting to go to higher education are going to find that their hard work and ambition will be punished with tens of thousands of pounds of debt. Whilst at the same time, the Government is planning cuts in corporation tax for the banks.

Ed stressed that we need to build an economy that rewards the right people with the right values, creating a country where each of us can reach our potential, based on the values of hard work, helping each other and something for something.