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25 Oct 2011

The Government’s Pensions Bill was debated in the House of Commons again last week. The plans in the Bill to accelerate the state pension age for women have met with widespread disapproval.

Under pressure from a campaign supported by thousands of women and concerned organisations, the Government conceded that the rise in the state pension age for women currently aged between 56 and 58 should be capped at 18 months.

Whilst I welcome this concession, the changes to their proposals did not go far enough. It remains wholly wrong to disproportionately penalise women who have worked hard their whole lives and now have no time to plan for their retirement.

The Government did not accept an amendment to the Bill, which would have ensured that no woman waited more than an extra 12 months longer to reach state pension age.

Unfortunately, as the Government won the vote on these plans, the Bill will now return to the House of Lords for further consideration.