Rotherham Schools Facing Funding Cuts

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23 Nov 2011

In the House of Commons earlier this week both my fellow Rotherham MP John Healey and I hit out at the Education Secretary’s plans to change the way schools are funded.

The budget for all schools in Rotherham could be cut by over £17 million by 2014-15 under the new Government proposals for the distribution of funding. The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) has analysed the proposals and concluded that primary schools in Rotherham would receive between £3.2 million and £4.7 million less (a cut of 3.8% to 5.5%) and secondary schools between £11 million and £12.5 million less (a cut of 11.8% to 13.4%).

Whilst Rotherham is facing one of the biggest funding cuts in the country, according to the IFS, areas such as Buckinghamshire and Surrey are standing to gain an increase in funding of over 10%.

It is simply wrong that our area should lose out in this way, especially when we are already facing serious challenges surrounding deprivation and child poverty.

John Healey and I have written to the Education Secretary Michael Gove to question the fairness of his school funding proposals.