Government Should Rethink Solar Cuts

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22 Nov 2011

I hope that the Government is going to rethink their devastating cuts to Feed-in Tariffs for solar power.

A Feed-in Tariff is a contract with a renewable energy producer which agrees to pay them a certain amount for the energy they produce. The scheme came into force in April 2010 and it was intended to act as an incentive to people to install renewable technology, drive jobs and growth in the green economy and increase community awareness of renewable energy.

Just in the last year more than 400 families in the Rother Valley have installed solar power. It is a great way for people to green their homes and protect themselves from soaring energy bills.

However the Government’s plans would exclude nearly nine of ten families in our area from having solar. The cuts to Feed-in Tariffs also threaten to wipe out the solar industry and destroy thousands of jobs.

They must think again, revise their scheme and extend their tariff deadline. This is just the latest example of a Government which is out of touch, cutting too far and too fast, with no plan for jobs and growth.

If any resident, business or community group has any concerns about the cuts to Feed-in Tariffs please e-mail or phone 01909 568611.