Police Grant Allocation

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28 Dec 2011

Next month the Government will consult on the Police Grant allocation for 2012/13 ahead of a debate and vote in the House of Commons in February.

I hope that they will re-think the scale of their police cuts in the forthcoming police funding review, as the proposed 20% frontloaded cuts are taking an irresponsible gamble with policing and public safety in the Rother Valley.

As a result of the Government’s cuts 15% of police officers from communities in South Yorkshire are set to go. On top of this nearly 800 police staff and a further 18 PCSOs will lose their positions because the Government is cutting too far and too fast. Across the country, 16,000 officers are being lost alongside 16,000 police staff and 1,800 PCSOs.

I would like to see the Government come up with a plan to cut crime, not a reckless plan to cut police officers.