Cost Of Train Travel Goes Up

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03 Jan 2012

Commuters returning to work this week will have found the cost of their train journey has rocketed, adding to the growing pressure on household budgets up and down the country.

Instead of price rises being limited to 1% above inflation, ticket prices on some of the most popular commuter routes have risen by up to 11%, with the cost of a season ticket soaring by hundreds of pounds.

The Chancellor gave the clear impression in his Autumn Statement that he had limited ticket price hikes to just 1% above inflation, however the reality is that the Government has chosen to quietly reverse the decision of the previous Government to enforce the fare cap and instead give back to train companies the right to hike fares by much more.

If this year's 11% fare hikes were not bad enough, the Government has already told the train companies that they can increase fares by up to a staggering 13% in 2013 and 2014.

The Government's decision to side with the powerful private train operator lobby against commuters and passengers shows just how out of touch they are with the effect that the cost of living crisis is having on families.