Health Select Committee On Health Bill

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31 Jan 2012
A damning report by MPs on the Health Select Committee has left the Government desperately trying to shore-up collapsing support for their Health Bill.
The Committee deemed the Bill ‘a dangerous distraction’ to the NHS, which is trying to keep a grip on patient care despite extreme financial strains.
There is so much that is good about the NHS, but inevitably the chaos caused by the Health Bill will start to take its toll. The latest data on waiting times has already showed that 42% more patients were forced to wait longer than 18 weeks for their treatment, since May 2010.
If the Prime Minister succeeds in allowing hospitals to fill nearly half of hospital beds with private patients, this is certain to get worse. He has pushed the NHS to the brink by reorganising at this time of financial stress, which is why he should now listen to NHS patients and staff, drop this Bill and put the NHS first.