Police Numbers At Lowest For A Decade

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01 Feb 2012

I hope that the Government will re-think its approach to policing after new figures published last week show police numbers have fallen to the lowest for a decade.

The figures show that there are now 8,000 fewer officers on the streets, at a time when personal crime, which includes robbery, theft and violence against other people, has gone up by a startling 11% – the biggest increase in a decade, according to the new statistics.
Local residents have real concerns about the loss of over 100 officers since March 2010 here in South Yorkshire. The deepest cuts to policing budgets will hit this year and Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary estimate the loss of over 16,000 officers through this Parliament.
People in the Rother Valley value the work that local police officers do in our community so I will be voting against the scale of the Government’s police cuts next month.