Budget Should Concentrate On Jobs And Growth

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28 Feb 2012

As the Government continues to fail to offer any help to struggling families, I am calling for the forthcoming Budget to concentrate on jobs and growth.

Two recent surveys on these issues are worth highlighting. Firstly, a YouGov survey has shown that more than a quarter of the smallest businesses expect to fold within the next two years. It is very worrying to think that we are letting all that enterprise, talent and hard work fall by the wayside. Businesses like these are our ticket out of hard times, so the Government should be nurturing them, not turning their backs.
Then Asda’s ‘Mumdex’ survey, showed that one in four mums are putting food back at the checkout as they struggle with higher prices and falling wages. Hardworking parents, already feeling the squeeze, struggling and juggling to make ends meet is a clear sign that the Government’s got its priorities wrong.
The Government’s economic policies are hurting but not working. We need a Budget for jobs and growth, with support for families at its heart, to get the economy moving again.