Budget Measures Are Wrong

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23 Apr 2012

Last week I voted against the Government’s measures announced in the recent Budget, including the controversial 'granny tax'.

These measures, introduced from next April, will see pensioners who pay income tax losing on average £83 a year and those soon to turn 65 losing up to £323. The Budget also contained a tax cut for the 300,000 people earning over £150,000 – the richest 1%. Just 14,000 people earning £1 million or more will get a tax cut of over £40,000 each year.

It can’t be right that while putting up taxes for pensioners, the Government is giving millionaires a tax cut. Instead of giving millionaires a tax cut, the Government could have cut fuel duty or reversed unfair and perverse cuts to tax credits – which mean thousands of working parents are better off quitting work.

These are tough times, and the Government should be doing all it can to make things easier not harder. The choices this Government is making prove it is totally out of touch with what life is like for people in our country.