Planned Changes To NHS Funding Formula

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22 May 2012

The Government's plans to change the NHS funding formula will see areas with the highest levels of deprivation lose billions from their healthcare budgets, with wealthier areas benefiting from the change.

New figures calculated by health expert Clare Bambra, Professor of Public Health Policy, show that Rotherham PCT stands to lose over £64 million a year - £262 per person. Whilst the same rule-change would see Surrey’s NHS gain over £400 million.

Department of Health considerations, revealed by the Health Secretary last month, would introduce an age related funding model for the NHS. In a speech he let slip that deprivation should not be taken into account when setting budgets and greater focus should be given to age and population size.

This study highlights the single biggest attack on improving public health in Rotherham. Deprivation has a massive impact on the demand of our NHS and it is scandalous for the Government to no longer consider taking this into account. Local hospitals and patients will struggle, whilst the money is directly channelled to areas where there is least need and people already live longest.

This Government is attacking the NHS from every angle – thousands of nursing jobs are being axed and waiting times are spiralling upwards. Last week the Department of Health revealed a 78% increase in people in Rotherham who waited longer than 18 weeks for operations since this Government came to power. Patients and the NHS deserve better.