Beecroft Report Causes Alarm For Employees

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28 May 2012

The Government last week revealed plans to make it easier for employers to sack their staff. The Government-commissioned Beecroft report proposes allowing firms to fire their staff at will – something that will cause alarm for employees already facing great uncertainty in the current jobs market and economic climate.

The introduction of a ‘no fault dismissal’ procedure could result in people being fired almost instantaneously and for no valid reason. The report’s author admitted his proposals would mean that bosses could sack employees simply because they didn’t like them and that this was a “price worth paying”.

These proposals actually risk damaging the economic recovery further as cutting employment rights could undermine the confidence of millions of employees who could subsequently limit their consumer spending for fear of losing their jobs.

The UK already has the most competitive employment regime in the world. The Government are demonstrating just how out of touch they are; having tried to blame Britain’s businesses for the recession, they are now blaming hard-working employees as well.