Long-Term Unemployment Highest Since 1995

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25 Jun 2012
Young people in the Rother Valley are showing great resilience as they try to find work in these difficult times, but with a large number of people chasing every vacancy, it is far from easy.

Last week’s headline fall in unemployment is welcome news; however there are now very clear signs of lasting and long-term damage to Britain with long-term unemployment at its highest level since 1995 and more than a million young people still out of work.
It is worrying that the number of people on unemployment benefits has started to rise again and almost one and a half million people are working part-time because they can't get a full-time job.

This is costing Britain a fortune in money and wasted potential. Nine billion pounds extra is now needed for additional dole payments and housing benefit bills. Worse, the Government’s failure to get Britain back to work means high long-term unemployment, which will act as a drag on growth for years to come.