More Government U-turns Needed

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10 Jul 2012

After u-turns under pressure on petrol, pasties, caravans, churches and charities, I am asking for three more u-turns this week from the Government.

With Britain in a double-dip recession, long-term unemployment at a 17-year high and borrowing going up not down, it’s clear that the Government’s economic plan is now failing. That is why, first of all, we need a u-turn on the Government’s failed economic policies and to urgently put in place a plan for jobs and growth – including a bankers’ bonus tax to fund youth jobs.

Second, we need a u-turn on the tax cut for millionaires, so that in tough times the richest pay their fair share. Thirdly, we need a u-turn on the ‘granny tax’ so that pensioners aren’t unfairly hit – paying more while the highest earners pay less.

It is unfortunate that the Government voted down amendments on these issues in the House of Commons last week.