Government Needs New Plan

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13 Sep 2012

Since David Cameron has been Prime Minister, we have had zero growth in Britain. Last week we saw so called ‘new’ announcements on roads, housing and planning to reverse the trend, but this tinkering cannot be passed off for an economic plan that works. The Government’s too far, too fast spending cuts have killed demand and now we are all paying the price.
Meanwhile this week's unemployment figures offer no let up for young people in the Rother Valley. Long term youth unemployment here in our area is up 230 per cent in the last year, but ministers still refuse to take decisive action.

Local people and businesses won’t be taken in. There are too many unemployed, too many struggling businesses, and too many worried that Government borrowing is going up instead of down.
If the Government really wants to get the economy going they must change course. They must bring forward long-term investment projects and tax bankers’ bonuses.

People want an end to the dithering. The Government has got to wake up to this crisis; they must take urgent action now because it is the only way to start turning things around.