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11 Sep 2012

Not only has the Government’s failed economic plan locked us all into recession, its shambolic reform of disability benefits is unfairly impacting on people who genuinely need help.

Its Work Capability Assessment (WCA) has been poorly managed, with the level of appeals and decisions being overturned having reached epidemic proportions, suggesting the system is flawed and costing the tax payer millions.

Charities, disability groups and healthcare professionals have all expressed deep concerns about how the WCA is performing, and there is now a broad consensus that the tests must be improved. I also recently wrote to the Work and Pensions Secretary about the issue.

Ministers are dragging their feet on improving the test and the result is a system clogged up with delays. The Government needs to get on with ensuring the system works properly so everyone gets the right level of support and those who can work get the help they need to find a job.