Government Hitting Young People Hard

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18 Sep 2012

With long-term youth unemployment here in the Rother Valley up 230 per cent over the last year, the ongoing GCSE grades fiasco and, for the first time, students being charged up to £9,000 to attend university, this Government is hitting young people hard.

It is wrong that young people are paying the price for this Government’s failure on jobs and the economy. Changing a grade boundary at the eleventh hour which could lead to young people losing out on attending further and higher education, or being accepted on an apprenticeship, is unfair.

When the Government trebled tuition fees in 2010, they claimed that it would make no difference to students and universities; however they couldn’t have been more wrong. Overall applications to university have fallen by 15% compared to last year, with applications from Yorkshire & the Humber falling by over 3,500. As a result of this policy tens of thousands of people throughout the country are missing out on the opportunity for a higher education.

To make matters worse, the Government is slicing up universities through complicated number control policies that make it harder than ever for students to choose the right course for them.

It is appalling that applications from our region have fallen so much and shows that the Government is out of touch. They have completely mishandled higher education policy and need to change course.