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03 Oct 2012

This week I have been in Manchester attending the annual Labour Party Conference. The weather may not have been very good but I was very impressed by Ed Miliband's speech, in which he emphasised his aim to build a country where everybody has a stake and prosperity is fairly shared.

He warned about the risk of our country becoming two nations; a country with a million young people out of work, the gap between the richest and everyone else getting worse, and hard work not being rewarded.

Outlining how he wanted to rebuild Britain as one nation, not divide the country between the richest and the rest like this Government is doing, Ed talked about creating a banking system that works for all of us, a skills system that gives opportunities to those who don’t go to university as well as those who do and an economy with rules that encourage long-term investment.

Ed also spoke about how he wanted to keep the United Kingdom together, make immigration work for everybody and stand up for the values of the NHS, as well as governing for the struggling small business as much as the public sector.