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11 Oct 2012

I have recently received a copy of the Industrial Communities Alliance’s new report entitled The Real Level of Unemployment.

The report provides an alternative set of unemployment figures for every district in Britain, not only those included in the official ‘claimant count’ but also the large numbers diverted onto other benefits or out of the benefits system altogether.

The report concludes that the scale of unemployment is substantially greater than even the highest official figures indicate, with Rotherham’s real unemployment rate estimated at 11.4 per cent of the working age population.

The report also casts serious doubt on the likely impact of the Government’s reforms, including the Work Programme and Universal Credit, which are founded on the assumption that unemployment can be brought down by encouraging the unemployed to find work. The evidence, perhaps unsurprisingly, points to large and continuing shortfalls in job opportunities away from the most prosperous parts of southern England.