Badger Cull

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25 Oct 2012

Earlier this week the Government announced a delay in starting the two badger cull pilots until 2013, part of their response to dealing with bovine TB.

I am against the Government’s badger cull because it is bad for farmers, taxpayers and wildlife.

Defra’s own impact assessment states that the costs to farmers will exceed the benefits and could even spread bovine TB in the short term as badgers move out of culling areas. Culling will take place at night and require the deployment of armed police officers. Defra estimate that it will cost half a million pounds a year for four years in extra police costs to deal with any protests for each cull area.

Furthermore an extraordinary coalition of leading scientists recently wrote to the Observer calling on the Government to stop the badger cull.

As there is no scientific basis for the cull and doubts about its effectiveness, the Government should follow the Welsh Assembly Government and focus on vaccination and biosecurity as ways of controlling this terrible disease.