Government Dithering On Low Carbon Growth

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28 Nov 2012

The Government is throwing away the massive jobs and growth opportunities presented by the new low carbon energy and technology, not to mention betraying their promises on the environment. The Prime Minister has been urged to make a commitment to the 2030 de-carbonisation target so investors all over the world know we are open for low carbon business.

The Confederation of British Industry believes low carbon business could halve our trade deficit by 2014-15. Yet despite the Prime Minister’s promises that this Government would be the greenest government ever we have a government that has delayed crucial decisions on the Green Investment Bank and de-carbonisation targets.

The short-sightedness of the Government means billions of pounds in investment is going elsewhere or being put on hold. Since this Government came to power, investment in renewable energy hasn’t gone up, it hasn’t even stagnated, it has halved.