Work Programme Not Working

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29 Nov 2012

Figures released earlier this week show that the Government's Work Programme has got only 2.3% (or two in every hundred) of applicants into jobs.
The Work Programme is getting fewer people into jobs than if the Government did nothing at all. According to the DWP’s own calculations in 2010, 5% of people referred onto the programme were expected to find jobs if no government scheme existed.

Welfare bills are over £20 billion higher than expected because of the Government’s failure to get Britain back to work and now the Chancellor has been forced to take £14 billion off tax credits.

Not only have many families lost their Child Tax Credit, many low paid, working families are losing all their Working Tax Credit because of changes to the eligibility rules. Families with children are paying more than double than the banks in reducing the deficit as a result of the changes to tax, benefits and tax credits.

The recovery has been throttled, the Government's welfare revolution has failed and Britain's hard working families are being asked to foot the bill.

The Chancellor must now take big steps to drive down unemployment, starting with a plan to get our young people into work.