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11 Dec 2012

I am supporting the launch of the ‘Chance to be Chancellor’ and encourage all young people in the Rother Valley to take part.

‘Chance to be Chancellor’ is a fantastic way of bringing the current economic challenges into local schools.  It is also a great opportunity for students to have their say on what they think should be included in Budget 2013.
Organised by educational charity Citizenship Foundation, ‘Chance to be Chancellor’ is a part of 'Paying for It', an educational programme that provides a free range of resources to develop economic awareness amongst young people.

The initiative (which is open to all 14-18 year olds) challenges participants to grapple with issues that face the Chancellor ahead of the official Budget in mid-March 2013.  Students are required to learn about, and share their opinions on, a selection of possible policies detailed on the Chance to be Chancellor website. 
Students can also enter a national competition by creating a short video (max 90 seconds) arguing their choices with a chance to win an iPad. All entries will be collated to produce the ‘Youth Budget’, a report launched in anticipation of the official budget to give the voters of the future a platform for their views on important economic issues.

Chance to be Chancellor 2013 runs until Friday 15 February 2013 and details of how to enter can be found at