Unemployment And 'Strivers' Tax'

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20 Dec 2012

The latest unemployment figures show that here in the Rother Valley long term unemployment is up 67% on the year and the Government’s Work Programme is not lifting a finger to help. The Government has got to wake up to this crisis, they must take action now and they should start with the Real Jobs Guarantee to get our young people back to work.

Figures just released also reveal that 7,200 families in the Rother Valley will be hit by the Chancellor’s ‘strivers’ tax’ because this Government has failed on jobs and growth.

Government borrowing is set to be £212 billion higher than planned as George Osborne has missed his target to get the national debt falling by 2015. To pay for this failure, he is taking £6.7 billion from working age benefits and tax credits over the next four years, by up-rating them by 1% over the next three years – a real terms cut.

Working families will be amazed that the Chancellor is asking them to pick up the tab for his failure at the same time as he gives a tax cut to millionaires.