Another Government U-turn

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12 Feb 2013

The Government last week staged yet another U-turn, as it backed down on its controversial plans to scrap GCSEs.
In a surprise statement in the House of Commons, Education Secretary Michael Gove said that he was abandoning plans to introduce a new qualification in 2015. He should have listened to business leaders, headteachers and experts in the first place and not come up with a plan on the back of an envelope.
The plans would have squeezed critical subjects like IT, Design and Technology and Engineering out. No wonder the CBI said that Michael Gove risked “repeating the mistakes of the past” and the designer of the iPhone said that Gove would “fail to provide students with the skills UK employers need”.
I would like to see cross-party talks to develop a curriculum and exam system that meets the challenges our country faces as pupils and parents need certainty now.

The Government have to say whether they are just trying to delay their changes, or whether they will abandon their out of date plans altogether.